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Why does the Federal Data Strategy need Use Cases?

Many high-level civic data challenges have been identified in the past–archaic data management practices and IT legacy systems, issues with data sharing and interoperability, and a lack of secondary use considerations. But the Federal Government lacks an overall approach to tackle these challenges and prioritize data infrastructure improvements that serve the public. The Federal Data Strategy needs priority data Use Cases to ensure it is comprehensive and actionable.

What is a Use Case?

For the purposes of the Federal Data Strategy, a “Use Case” is a data practice or method that leverages data to support an articulable federal agency mission or public interest outcome. The Federal Data Strategy is seeking examples that solve problems or demonstrate solutions that can help inform the four strategy areas: Enterprise Data Governance; Use, Access, and Augmentation; Decision-making and Accountability; and Commercialization, Innovation, and Public Use.

Use Cases

We encourage you to explore the below Use Case data for ripe projects and data stories. We have provided these submissions as an open data set to facilitate this discovery and analysis.

You may download the use case submissions we received.

Download Use Case Summaries PDF Download Use Case Raw Data CSV

You may also review the public comments submitted via our companion Cross-Agency Priority Goal: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset Request for Comments (RFC) on

How will the Federal Data Strategy incorporate Use Cases?

These Use Cases will be identified and discussed in the Federal Data Strategy, and a select number of ready Use Cases will be assessed more deeply in The Data Incubator Project as proof points or prototypes.

How can I submit a Use Case?

Our first feedback round concluded on July 30, 2018, and we are now working to incorporate your feedback into our Draft Practices and Year 1 Action Plan, as well as Use Cases more deeply into The Data Incubator Project. The Federal Data Strategy team was strongly encouraged by all the Use Case submissions. If you have a Use Case that you think would be helpful for the Federal Data Strategy, please visit The Data Incubator Project page for more details and the submission form.