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The Federal Data Strategy We Need Your Input

The Federal Data Strategy will create a coordinated approach to federal data use and management that serves the public. Subscribe to our news updates.

What is the Federal Data Strategy?

Th​e use of data is transforming​ ​​the world. The way the Federal Government provides, maintains, and uses data has a unique place in society and maintaining trust in​ ​​federal data is pivotal to a democratic process. The​ ​​Federal​ Government needs a coordinated and integrated approach to using data to deliver on mission, serve the public, and steward resources while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

The Federal Data Strategy will define​ ​Principles, Practices, and a Year 1 Action Plan to deliver​ ​a ​more consistent​ ​approach to federal data stewardship, use,​ ​and access. The Federal Data Strategy development team will also test solutions and assumptions along the way with The Data Incubator Project, which​ ​​will ​help identify priority use cases and methods that should be replicated or scaled.

The four Federal Data Strategy areas for exploration

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Enterprise Data Governance

Set priorities for managing government data as a strategic asset, including establishing data policies, specifying roles and responsibilities for data privacy, security, and confidentiality protection, and monitoring compliance with standards and policies throughout the information lifecycle.

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Access, Use, and Augmentation

Develop policies and procedures that enable stakeholders to effectively and efficiently access and use data assets by: (1) making data available more quickly and in more useful formats; (2) maximizing the amount of non-sensitive data shared with the public; (3) leveraging new technologies and best practices to increase access to sensitive or restricted data while protecting privacy, security, and confidentiality, as well as the interests of data providers.

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Decision Making & Accountability

Improve the use of data assets for decision-making and accountability for the Federal Government, including both internal and external uses. This includes: (1) providing high quality and timely information to inform evidence-based decision-making and learning; (2) facilitating external research on the effectiveness of government programs and policies which will inform future policymaking; and (3) fostering public accountability and transparency by providing accurate and timely spending information, performance metrics, and other administrative data.

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Commercialization, Innovation, and Public Use

Facilitate the use of Federal Government data assets by external stakeholders at the forefront of making government data accessible and useful through commercial ventures, innovation, or for other public uses. This includes use by the private sector and scientific and research communities, by state and local governments for public policy purposes, for education, and in enabling civic engagement. Enabling external users to access and use government data for commercial and other public purposes spurs innovative technological solutions and fills gaps in government capacity and knowledge. Supporting the production and dissemination of comprehensive, accurate, and objective statistics on the state of the nation helps businesses and markets operate more efficiently.

Why create a Federal Data Strategy?

In March of 2018, the President’s Management Agenda laid out a new Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset to develop and implement a comprehensive Federal Data Strategy. Over the course of the next year, with input from the full spectrum of government and non-government stakeholders, the first government-wide data strategy will be developed, along with plans for implementation.

Who is developing the Federal Data Strategy?

In short, we all are. While the CAP goal co-leads and development team are managing the project, the Federal Data Strategy will be built on the expertise and input of those who contribute ideas, examples, comments, and suggestions. If you have any, this is the place to share them.

How will the Federal Data Strategy be developed?

The Federal Data Strategy will be developed iteratively in four steps, and after each step we will make the findings public and ask for your feedback and input. The strategy will be developed around four topical areas. The Federal Data Strategy development team will pull together a comprehensive strategy from the input and insights contributed by stakeholders. Between now and April 2019, the Federal Data Strategy development team will be seeking and synthesizing inputs and developing solutions through an iterative process. Each quarter, we will publish new draft materials for review and feedback. Stay tuned to to keep up to date and ensure we hear from you.