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The Federal Data Strategy Development Team is comprised of a core group of cross-disciplinary data experts from across the Federal Government.

The Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset Cross Agency Priority (CAP) Goal commits the Administration to developing a long-term comprehensive Federal Data Strategy. Senior officials from the Department of Commerce, the Small Business Administration, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy co-lead the CAP Goal. Co-lead staff members serve as a project managers supporting and facilitating the development of the Federal Data Strategy with significant stakeholder input. Select Federal Data Working Group Chairs and Team Members conduct research and analysis; facilitate stakeholders; and distill feedback for the Federal Data Strategy.

Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset CAP Goal Co-leads

Federal Data Strategy Project Management Team

Federal Data Working Groups

Federal Data Strategy and Data Incubator Project Support
Enterprise Data Governance Working Group

Tom Beach, Chief Data Strategist & Portfolio Manager, U.S. Patent and Trade Office, Department of Commerce – Working Group Chair

Access, Use, and Augmentation Working Group

Matt Greene, Supervisory Education Research Analyst, Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development – Working Group Chair

Decision-making and Accountability Working Group

Anne Fletcher,Social Science Analyst, Office of Policy Development and Research, Department of Housing and Urban Development – Working Group Chair

Commercialization, Innovation, and Public Use Working Group

Ed Kearns, Chief Data Officer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce – Working Group Chair


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