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2020 Action Plan Progress

The Federal Data Strategy provides a common set of data principles and best practices. The 2020 Action Plan identifies milestones that are essential for establishing processes, building capacity, and aligning existing efforts. This initial plan builds a solid foundation that will support implementation of the strategy over the next decade. This page will showcase progress, measurements, and metrics collected and reported on 65 milestones from 20 actions. We will track progress on the 2020 Action Plan milestones continuously throughout the year. As milestones are completed, information will be uploaded to this page. Once this page is fully operational, you will be able to check agency activity on every milestone.

This page was last updated on March 24, 2020. If your agency's progress since that day is not reflected in the information below, please send an email to the Federal Data Strategy team at

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Quarter 1, 2020 (Jan - March)

This milestone has been partially COMPLETED. The number of agencies1 that published is:
26 ➧
(Click here to learn more about these 23 agencies including use cases and to download data (csv). This number will be updated regularly.)
  • Next step: Based on capacity assessments, agencies will dedicate staff to support data governance bodies by September 30, 2020.2
This milestone has been COMPLETED. OMB launched the Federal CDO Council on January 31, 2020. The number of Chief Data Officers and their representatives gathered was3
65 ➧
(Click here to learn more about the CDO Council meeting.)
  • Next step: The CDO Council will continue to meet to develop a governance framework, define priorities, and create subcommittees to work on specific areas of interest.
This milestone has been COMPLETED. OMB has launched the Federal Data Policy Committee (FDPC). It has met monthly since November 2019.
  • Next step: The FDPC will use briefings to assist in setting priorities for this year.
This milestone has been COMPLETED. OMB published a Request for Information: Identifying Priority Access or Quality Improvements for Federal Data and Models for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development, and Testing on August 22, 2019. The RFI received 28 comments. The ability to preserve a respondent’s privacy was the largest barrier identified and there were also many comments requesting more high quality and curated open data, including requests for data cleaning, normalized fields, and metadata improvements that would facilitate fitness for use and provenance tracking.
This milestone has been COMPLETED. OMB distributed the goals for the framework to several representatives of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) Council, the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy (ICSP), and the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council for initial review. The framework will provide structure for the living content of the data skills catalog.
  • Next step: The CDOs, ICSP, CHCOs, and GSA along with OMB will review and discuss the framework goals over the next few weeks and make updates.
As milestones are completed, information will be uploaded to this page.
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Quarter 2, 2020 (April-June)

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Supplemental Milestone Data & Examples

Milestone 2.1

Milestone 2.1. By January 31, 2020, publish agency data governance materials (membership, charter, meeting cadence) on [agency].gov/data web page.

Of those 26 agencies who posted:

Year 1 Actions Milestone Progress Graph

These three agency websites are useful examples that can guide development of your agency’s data webpage.


Milestone 2.1 Status by Agency

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  1. The universe is those agencies that reported designated CDOs to OMB.

  2. Milestone 2.4. Put in place a data strategy or road map; Milestone 2.5. Develop capital planning for enterprise data assets and infrastructure; Milestone 2.6. Adopt a master data management program (One of these three activities per quarter in any order).

  3. The universe is those agencies that reported designated CDOs to OMB.