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Call for Federal Data Strategy Working Detailees

July 18, 2019

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is seeking Detailees from federal agencies to work on the Federal Data Strategy (FDS). Up to three (3) Detailees will be assigned to spend one year supporting the implementation of the FDS as part of the President’s Management Agenda Cross-Agency Priority Goal on Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset.

In FY2020, Detailees will have an opportunity to work with agencies on various aspects of the FDS, including the implementation of 2019-2020 FDS Action Plan (Year-1 Action Plan), the development of 2020-2021 FDS Action Plan (Year-2 Action Plan), the Chief Data Officer (CDO) Council established in OMB, and stakeholder outreach and communications. In this role, it is necessary to have high-performing individual(s) who possess a combination of business acumen, technical skills, and people skills to guide the implementation of the FDS and Year-1 Action Plan.

Who Can Apply:

How to Apply:

Before submitting an application please discuss your potential application with your direct supervisor. In order to be considered, submit the following package to by August 9, 2019.


Work assignments may include:

  1. In support the Year-1 and Year-2 Action Plans: a. Lead and establish a process for soliciting agency feedback on the Year-1 Action Plan implementation and issues with Action Steps b. Lead and coordinate the implementation of the agency feedback process c. Integrate and collect data on metrics associated with Action Steps d. Develop a summary of agency feedback suitable for FDS team discussion and decision making e. Make recommendations for agency-specific action steps for the Year-2 Action Plan f. Coordinate, draft Action Steps, and obtain approval from the FDS leadership on the Action Steps for Year-2 Action Plan g. Review public input on the draft agency-specific Action Steps and make recommendations for the final text for Year-2 Action Plan h. Develop case studies (referred to as Proof Points) communicating how agencies are leveraging data within their organizations

  2. Support the planning efforts in establishing the Chief Data Council: a. Facilitate Year-2 Action Plan in conjunction with the CDO Council b. Develop resources to support CDO Council and related Action Plan implementation
  3. Support FDS communications and outreach efforts: a. Present and lead discussions on FDS for Federal Agencies or Agency working groups. b. Present, serve on panels, answer Q&A for non-governmental organizations/at meetings, such as trade groups, conferences, etc.
  4. Other duties as assigned