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Provide Comments on the 2019-2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan by July 8

July 3, 2019

Thank you for those who attended and spoke at the Federal Forum on Tuesday, June 25! The Working Group members gained valuable feedback from 21 speakers on the draft 2019-2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan (Year-1 Action Plan).

Provide Comments on the 2019-2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan by July 8!

Please continue to participate by providing comments on the Year-1 Action Plan.

Why you should comment

Your input is critical for developing a viable and sustainable Federal Data Strategy to leverage data as a strategic asset.

The Federal Data Strategy will apply to all Executive Branch agencies, providing guidance and direction on stewardship, use, and access across the full range of federal data assets.

How to comment

Submit comments at by July 8, 2019. Comments should be informative for the Federal Data Strategy.

We are looking for comments that will help shape the Year-1 Action Plan, specifically on the following:

  1. Additional fundamental actions to implement the Federal Data Strategy that are not included in this draft Year-1 Action Plan, with rationale for inclusion.
  2. Additional actions that would align with or complement ongoing Federal data initiatives or the implementation of new legislation, such as the Foundations for Evidence-based Policy Making Act of 2018, with rationale for inclusion.
  3. Actions in this draft Year-1 Action Plan that should be omitted, with rationale for omission.
  4. Any edits and additional detail to ensure that the actions accurately and effectively describe needed activities, responsible entities, metrics for assessing progress, and timelines for completion.
  5. Information about the implementation resources necessary to ensure success of these action steps.