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The Data Incubator Project

The Federal Data Strategy will highlight examples of the use of data to solve problems and serve the public, with an emphasis on examples that can be replicated or scaled or that solve high-priority problems.

How will the Data Incubator Project assess Use Cases?

The Data Incubator Project will further analyze Use Cases that demonstrate the potential for replication, scaling, and mission impact by two methods:

  1. Proof Points: The Data Incubator Project will relay lessons learned from successful projects using federal data in a series of “Proof Points” posted to this site. Each Proof Points is a case study written by data practitioners for fellow practitioners to share insights, build upon successes and avoid pitfalls.
  2. Prototypes: Prototypes are projects at a nascent stage that are being actively observed by the Incubator team for their novel approach to recurring federal data challenges. The team is currently tracking efforts to:
    1. Automate the inclusion of agency information collections in their metadata inventories;
    2. Establish stronger state-federal agency data sharing around education and workforce issues;
    3. Make public sector health data more accessible and comprehensible;
    4. Improve federal agencies’ web-based data portals; and
    5. Help non-federal organizations partner with federal agencies to put federal data to use in web-based apps and other tools.