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The Data Incubator Project Logo

The Data Incubator Project

To solve the most pressing issues facing the nation, we must leverage data as a strategic asset. The Federal Data Strategy will highlight examples of the use of data to solve problems and serve the public, with a particular focus on examples that can be replicated or scaled or that solve high-priority problems. A select number of Use Cases deemed “ripe for testing” will be included in The Data Incubator Project.

How will the Data Incubator Project assess Use Cases?

The Data Incubator Project will further analyze Use Cases that demonstrate the potential for replication, scaling, and mission impact by two methods:

  1. Proof Points: The Data Incubator Project will develop case studies on Use Cases that can help inform the four strategy areas: Enterprise Data Governance; Use, Access, and Augmentation; Decision-making and Accountability; and Commercialization, Innovation, and Public Use.
  2. Prototypes: Some Use Cases offering important lessons for agencies will be supported and further developed. Stay tuned to for updates about forthcoming opportunities for prototype project support.

How can I include my project idea in The Data Incubator Project?

We’re excited that you want to include a project in The Data Incubator Project! If you have a project that you think would make for a good proof point case study, please use the form below to submit it. Please do not re-submit any Use Case that is already published in the Use Case List.

If your idea relates to a project prototype, as opposed to a proof point, please do not use the submission form below. Stay tuned to this website for updates that provide guidance about submitting your prototype idea.

The Proof Point case studies you provide here will be shared with the Federal Data Strategy development team for follow up. Providing your name and email is optional, but they will be included in the feedback shared with the strategy development team. Please do not include any other personally identifiable information. As the strategy development process continues, it is possible that some user comments submitted here may be shared publicly, but without any identifying information.

Your feedback is important to us. On November 1, 2018 it came to our attention that the web form tool for comments submitted through this website did not capture comments more than 1000 words long (approximately 2 pages). The problem has now been resolved.

Comments submitted through other feedback platforms were not affected. If you’d like to verify that your comment submitted before November 2, 2018 was received, please contact We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.